Jon Newsome It was 20 years ago today

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Jon Newsome It was 20 years ago today

Postby leedshippriest on Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:43 am

“I get a reminder of that afternoon every time I go to my parents’ house because the shirt, signed by all the players, is still framed and on the wall,” he revealed.

“It is the favourite moment of my career and something that makes me feel very proud.

“Winning a league title is a massive jigsaw but I guess that goal was my little piece in the jigsaw.”

“Although I retired early from football, I still feel a lucky lad to have been involved in something so special. At Leeds, I won a title, played at Wembley in the Charity Shield, and played with some great footballers. If you had offered me that as a 15-year-old, I would have snapped your hand off.”

“It was a massive game for me, being a Sheffield lad going to Bramall Lane and a lot of my family were there.

“It was very windy and probably the most bizarre game of football I have ever played in.

“Five goals were scored and hardly any of them were orthodox.”

“You couldn’t keep in touch with people like you can these days and only a few of the lads had mobile phones,”. “Gary, bless his heart, was a good friend, and we watched the game at my parents.

“But afterwards we headed over to Leeds for a drink and a bite to eat with the others.

“It’s strange but the anniversary and the tragedy of Gary’s death has brought a lot of that old team back together in this past year,”.

“In football, it’s easy to drift along with a lot of acquaintances and not that many friends.

“We suddenly realised that it was 20 years ago and we all agreed that we should meet up more, if only for a game of golf or a few drinks now and again,”.

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