PL 2011/2012 - Fixtures for 28/4/12

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PL 2011/2012 - Fixtures for 28/4/12

Postby Orgoner on Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:34 pm

[b]PL 2011/2012 - Fixtures for 28/4/12.[/b]

Please predict the scorelines for the following fixtures to be played this weekend:-

(P) Scumchester City v Scumchester United (Mon K.O.)
(C) Watford v Middlesbrough (Early K.O.)
(L1) Sheffield United v Stevenage
(L2) Barnet v AFC Wimbledon

[b]Open to all. Free to play. Nigh on feckin' impossible to win. [/b]

Is absolutely nothing sacred?


[i]They're more than a bit crap too[/i]  

Good luck to all.   B)
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