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  • Added by: leedshippriest @ 13 Sep 2011 21:12
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    Ken Bates loves the sound of his own voice and perhaps more importantly the bile that comes out of it. In fact he loves it so much that he collects people around him at Elland Road a bit like a museum curator collects artefacts. Bates loves people who will repeat the veracity according to Ken Bates. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Messrs Grayson and Lorimer and now it seems even Mr Gray is starting to repeat the Ken Bates lie. Now Lorimer and Gray I can fully understand, they both work for Bates,  Lorimer sitting on the Board of Leeds United, the fans champion if you like. Both offer expert opinion on the woes of Leeds United on the field on match days alongside the likes of  Thom Kirwin on Bates, sorry Yorkshire Radio. Larry I cannot understand. Larry is a good Manager, or at least has the potential to be a very good manager. Larry knew the score, he knew that Bates would not give him sufficient financial backing to build a team that can push for promotion back to the Premier League.  Larry could and should stand up to Ken Bates, Larry could have walked in the Summer, I am sure there would have been one or two clubs prepared to take a gamble on him, but he is a Leeds fan, and he believes he can take Leeds United forward. Larry should have used his position to force Bates hand and invest a little, but he didn’t. Now all we get are the occasional soundbite  from Larry. about how we are not a selling club, how we do not have a player crises, and how he is happy ...

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